B & B strives to be the moving company in Utah recognized for the lowest claims for personal injury and furniture damage. In addition, they have worked to earn the reputation for always treating Utahns courteously, fairly, and with respect. In 2000, B & B had the lowest claims in the entire Bekins Van Lines system for damage to furniture. The company also won the lowest claims award from Global Van Lines, Paul Arpin Van Lines, and Wheaton Van Lines. Last year, Workers Compensation Fund paid the company over $20,000 in refunds for having fewer worker compensation injuries and vehicle accidents. Over half that amount was distributed among the employees to incentivize them to be vigilant for safety.

Treating customers courteously, respectfully, and fairly has resulted in employees receiving generous tips (one day last year two movers each received $750.00). The consistent number of employees receiving tips is a strong indicator of customer satisfaction. B & B has earned the recognition of being the official mover of the State of Utah for over fourteen years. Because of the company’s stellar reputation, they have moved the State of Utah archives, Horace Sorenson’s collection of Pioneer Village to Lagoon, collections (on-going) at the University of Utah Marriott Library, the Utah Jazz to the Delta Center in a weekend, and Morris Travel employees (425) without disruption in its 24/7 reservation service. O.C. Tanner recently selected B & B to move it’s prized retail jewelry store, and the move was accomplished with no damage to the fine objects of art sold there! No job is too big nor too small for B & B.

All customers are treated respectfully, and all treasures, whether they are historical archives or personal heirlooms, are treated as cherished valuables. It is not surprising that in 1995, B & B Moving and Storage was the featured award winner for the U.S.Chamber of Commerce representing Utah for Blue