A “wow” factor now adorns each of the B&B Movers trucks. Ordinary trucks have been turned into “smile” generators as stunning Utah scenery, photographed by award winning photographer John Telford is displayed on the sides of three of its forty-five moving vans. Plans are ongoing to complete decorating the fleet. This is only the beginning of the high quality innovations that are provided by B&B Movers. Full-time, never casual, movers; 100% access to President, Douglas E. Bagley; the loan of wardrobe cartons (no cost for customers); and the use of air-filled bladders to protect items in drawers are only a few of the conveniences provided to customers. B&B Movers was the first Utah moving company to offer portable self-storage units and to provide a portable forklift to move the storage units from the warehouse to people’s driveways.

In 1999, B&B Movers introduced reusable plastic moving boxes secured with velcro. The warehouse is designed to pamper furniture with heat and air conditioning. Containers are wood, which do not heat up like metal containers.

B&B Movers has the only cantilever shelving system in Utah for storage of sofas, chairs, and upholstered furniture. Every item is shrink-wrapped and clearly separated from other items. Kitchens are the core of the home, and over one million people have had the opportunity to have their entire kitchen, on a local level, back on the shelf in one and one-half hours, including drive time. This is innovation. In thirty-nine years, not one person has called back to say that something was broken in their kitchen belongings. We are about assisting people.