Moving & Coronavirus; We Have Answers

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The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has put a stop to common routines of our everyday life. Even though social distancing is the current course of action, moving isn’t always something you can put off. We want to answer the question everyone is wondering; how does a move work during a pandemic? More importantly, are moving companies still operating? Whether you are a client, or a moving company owner, it’s hard not to wonder if it’s OK to hire movers or operate as usual. Moving & coronavirus; we have answers.

Can Moving Companies Still Operate?

So far, the answer is yes. As long as we don’t see notices regarding shutdowns of any moving services, we will operate as usual. Decisions regarding shutdowns have been left to individual owners of moving companies. If your  business or family has scheduled a move, you can assume your move is still happening. Just to be safe, it may be wise to call and confirm your upcoming move. If you haven’t scheduled your move and you are worried about the current situation, it is hard to say what the future holds. Until moving companies are shut down, continue to compare moving companies and shop around. Most importantly, make sure you ask each moving company what they are doing to keep clients safe during the move.

Moving Companies & COVID-19

In the state of Utah, moving companies are considered essential services. Currently, moving services are in line with important institutions such as hospitals and pharmacies that are deemed necessary at this time. In addition, this means all movers in the Salt Lake area can continue providing moving services to clients. Most importantly, moving companies that are continuing to operate should have safety guidelines that help explain how they are protecting clients during each move.

Protecting Moving Clients During Coronavirus Pandemic

B & B Moving & Storage is providing preventative services during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We are following guidelines provided from our local authorities, the WHO, and the CDC. We are taking the following precautions to protect our moving clients from COVID-19:

Together We Can Stop The Spread of COVID-19 

  • If you are interested in hiring our moving company, please call our office to confirm we are able to provide services in your area. 
  •  If moving out of Utah, please look into the current regulations of your destination state. some cities and states have been quarantined. This temporary situation can cause limitations to our moving services.
  • Employees and clients are to follow the proper social distancing and health practices. Our top priority is to keep our employees and clients safe during the Coronavirus outbreak. In addition, we feel it is a priority to educate individuals on how to avoid contracting and spreading COVID-19 during a move.
  • Employees and clients will follow safety protocol and instruction from health authorities; these include not touching your face and washing your hands multiple times a day with warm water.
  • Clients and moving crew are to maintain social distancing, and to refrain from physical contact. For added safety, we also require hand washing before and after any interaction with clients. 
  • We highly encourage clients to sign documents electronically, and to communicate by phone. This will help keep everyone safe throughout the moving process.

Rely On The Best Salt Lake Moving Company 

We have increased our safety and sanitation measures during the Coronavirus pandemic. As a moving service provider, we have to make sure we follow all safety standards set by our local authorities. During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have implemented the following protocols to keep our clients safe:

  • We avoid having multiple employees in one place
  • Office personnel and non-essential employees are working from home. Our movers will be the only staff to come in contact with clients, from a safe distance.
  • Our moving team is staying updated on COVID-19 strategies and safety measures
  • We have increased the cleaning of our offices and trucks. This includes disinfecting and sanitizing all equipment day and night. We have also equipped our movers with masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. 

Moving During The Coronavirus Outbreak 

Even though much has changed drastically with any moving & coronavirus outbreak, it doesn’t mean we stop moving. As the top moving company, we would like to make sure we get everyone’s moving needs met. Whether you have an upcoming local move, residential move, commercial move or an out of state move, your move matters. If our local government allows moving companies to operate, you can count on us to keep you safe. Rely on B & B Moving & Storage for your next local move. Give us a call today at (385) 355-1952. We will get through this together!

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